NFL Top 10 Wide Receivers

NFL wide receivers are some of the most exciting athletes to watch in all of sports. Who is at the top of that list though? Ryan Gregorio counts down the top 10 players at the position.

By: Ryan Gregorio | Thursday Dec 03, 2015
  1. Amari Cooper

Number ten is always the hardest because you can put a lot of guys in this spot but I’m going with Amari Cooper. This rookie matched up with Derek Carr (ACDC) has been electrifying this year and is exciting to watch. Cooper has 58 catches for 851 yards average 14 yards a catch. Soon enough, he may pass Julio Jones as the greatest wide receiver from Alabama.


  1. Brandon Marshall

With No. 9, look no further than Brandon Marshall. Ryan Fitzpatrick is the quarterback of the New York Jets so how is Brandon Marshall putting up such great numbers? Talent. This man has been catching over players, catching across the middle, and making big plays week in and week out. He just clipped the 1,000-yard mark this week after a big game against Brent Grimes. If I told you the Chicago Bears traded him to the Jets for a 7th round draft pick you would call me nuts, well he did.


  1. Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham Jr. was one the best in the NFL last year and has been top-ten this year, but the hype surrounding him between the Madden cover, “the catch” and his Head and Shoulders commercial, this young man has been shut down by Ronald Darby (38 yards) and, after a bad safety play, held to barely any yards against Malcolm Butler. Those are two young corners who are playing well this year. After coming off a big game against the redskins he still falls short on my list because he’s making crazy catches at the end of games when his team is losing.


  1. AJ Green

AJ Green falls a little low on my list this year although he is doing well in yards. I feel like he should be ahead of the pack this year with Andy Dalton going 8-0 and playing very well. I felt like he should be over one thousand yards by now, but none too less this man is still doing great and has been doing this for years. With only 59 catches for 909 yards it shows you that he is a big play waiting to happen.


  1. Demaryius Thomas

Demaryius Thomas makes my top ten list solely because of his talent and his quarterback situation. Peyton Manning has had the worst year in his hall of fame career and can’t seem to throw an accurate deep ball. “DT” manages to still have a good year and rank top ten in yards. Even with Emmanuel Sanders by his side, he still seems to get double teams and still has a huge impact on the team. Remember when Tim Tebow threw that slant in the playoffs and he took it to the house to win the game? Well one of those guys is still In the NFL and he has dominated without losing a step.


  1. Larry Fitzgerald

Larry Fitzgerald has been a huge surprise to the NFL this year at fourth in the league with 992 yards. At the age of 32 it seems like age is no factor for this great veteran. He’s playing like he’s young again. Always rattled with injuries throughout his career, it’s great to see a healthy “Fitz” this year and what he’s doing for the red-hot Arizona Cardinals.


  1. Calvin Johnson

Calvin Johnson has been number one in past years but his age comes into effect with the top ten list. Don’t let his drop in the rankings fool you however, his talent is still there and this monster is still catching on multiple corners. (what a thanksgiving game) Standing at 6’5” 237 pounds and just hitting the age of the 30, “Megatron” has been unstoppable in his career with gun slinger Matt Stafford throwing him the ball most of his career. Calvin Johnson in my eyes is a first ballot hall of famer and one of the best ever to play the game.


  1. DeAndre Hopkins

DeAndre Hopkins has been embarrassing elite corners all year. This Clemson alum, which mentored another young talented wide receiver Sammy Watkins, has been nothing short of spectacular. He has racked up 1,081 yards on the year and has done so with 3 different quarterbacks. If this young man had an elite QB I do believe he would be number one on the list, but for now, he’s respectively number three.

  1. Julio Jones

Julio Jones is currently the NFL’s leading receiver with 1,245 yards and on pace to having one of his best years. Standing at 6’3” 220 pounds, it seems like no one in the league can cover him. He has been dominant in the NFC, who has a list full of great corners. The Alabama alumni seems to be the best wide receiver to come out of Alabama unless rookie Amari Cooper can have this much success in the NFL. I see Jones dominating the league for another six or seven years and it’s going to be fun to watch him do it.


  1. Antonio Brown


Antonio Brown has led the NFL the past two years in yards and it’s really hard to argue that he is not the best in the league. Antonio may not be the tallest guy in the NFL, but man, can this kid fly. Defenders cannot seem to figure out how to cover him. Malcolm Butler played good defense on him week 1 and he still found ways to make amazing catches and have a good game. The best part about his success is that the other guys around him are also good wide receivers, so this makes his talent stand out even more.

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