Cowboys Vs. Eagles: Week 9 Preview

The Cowboys and Eagles enter week nine in the midst of disappointing seasons. Both teams hindered by injuries look to get on track in the NFC East matchup.

By: Ryan Gregorio | Sunday Nov 08, 2015

The Dallas Cowboys facing off against the Philadelphia Eagles may not seem like a very interesting game to some people, but to their fans and the division, this is a huge game.

The Cowboys last year struggled on defense and had a high powering offense. Now, with their quarterback Tony Romo still injured, they have struggled on offense and with the addition of bad boy Greg Hardy their defense is left to try and pick up the slack..

The Cowboy’s offense was struggling with Brandon Weeden and now former Buffalo Bill’s Matt Cassel the offense seems to have not found its chemistry. Cassel has been less than adequate since he joined the team, throwing for 324 yards only one touchdown with three interceptions.

The Dallas Cowboys are going to be one scary team however, once the tandem of Tony Romo and Dez Bryant get back to work.

Now on the Eagles side, Sam Bradford has been sub-par at best with 1766 passing yards on 274 attempts, averaging 6.4 yards an attempt. He has thrown more interceptions than touchdowns with 10 interceptions and nine touchdowns.

In the backfield there is now last years rushing title leader, and former Dallas Cowboy, DeMarco Murray. He is having one of his worst years in his career, aside from his injury years, averaging a staggering 3.5 yards a carry with 307 yards on 88 attempts. This makes you wonder, why did they pay this man so much? Was he a product of the Cowboys offense? Cowboy fans would say so.

On a positive note, running back Ryan Mathews is playing exceptionally well with 342 yards on only 56 attempts, averaging 6.1 yards a carry. Chip Kelly might have to bite the bullet very soon and give Mathews the nod.

Future star Jordan Matthews is one bright side to the Eagles offense. The young wide receiver has just under 400 yards but averaging 10.2 yards per catch can spark a shaky offense, and the Cowboys lack in skilled cornerbacks.

This game is going to come down to which kicker can score more points or which defense can cause more turnovers. The Eagles defense, on paper, seems to be better than the Cowboys. Surprisingly however, the Cowboys lead in almost every category, passing yards allowed, per game rushing yards allowed, with the Eagles giving up less points a game.

The New York Giants seem to be a shoe in to win the division this year unless Romo can come back and win out the rest of the season. He is set to return against a team without an identity in the Miami Dolphins. It is going to be a tough road ahead for Romo and the Cowboys.

The Dallas Cowboys lead the all-time series 63-49. This is going to be a hard fought game on primetime, Sunday Night. I believe that the Cowboys will bounce back this game and get in rhythm with Darren McFadden getting the start. Also Greg Hardy, who has been all over the news, will have a huge game against an offensive line without Jason Peters this week for the Eagles.

Prediction: Dallas Cowboys 21 Philadelphia Eagles 13

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