The State of the Dallas Cowboys

By: Steven Wojcik | Saturday Oct 31, 2015

From being a team many thought would be competing for the NFC, to only having 2 wins on the season, this isn’t exactly the situation many fans expected Dallas to be in this year. Granted they lost two key players on their offense, but in doing so they also learned of a major issue that this roster has. This team is lacking in depth on both sides of the ball, and the situation they are in, has made this all the more evident.

Dallas has arguably one of the best starting lineups in the entire NFL. But they may not even scratch the top 10 for best 53 man roster, and that is a huge problem to have in a sport where injuries are so common. Tony Romo is a risk taker, and will hang in the pocket until the very last minute. He’s been prone to injury for countless years and for this team to ignore the backup quarterback position, knowing this, doesn’t make much sense.

Quarterback isn’t the only position this team lacks in depth either. They have one of the best

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receivers in the league in Dez Bryant. After that all they have left are complimentary receivers that work great with Bryant, but without him, cannot hold their own. This is something this team should have noticed, especially when they did not have Bryant for a large portion of the offseason.

Dallas has 13 sacks for the year right now, 7 of which have come in the last two games. This defensive went from having 6 sacks in four games to 7 sacks in two, and of course this change occurred when they gained Greg Hardy back from suspension. That is three occasions where one player is making all the difference in his position group, and when you pick apart most positions on this team, that is how it looks.

Many teams in this league like to say they have that “next man up” mentality, however only a small number actually do. Teams like New England and Green Bay have gotten the injury bug countless times and have still endured, so why would it be different for Dallas? Some fans will try to look at when New England lost Tom Brady and still managed to win 11 games and say it is because Brady is not that good. What that actually shows is a team that is putting together 53 players to play as a singular unit.

Overall this is a team sport. Two players do not make a team and are certainly not an excuse to lose 4 games in a row. Will Dallas be successful when Bryant and Romo return? Most likely, but always being a team that one injury means the difference between being great and being mediocre is not how you have success in this league. This is the reason Dallas is so up and down in this league, while other teams are able to consistently remain successful. A team wins football games, not single players.

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