What Andrew Luck’s Injury Means for the AFC South

Andrew Luck is set to miss 2-6 weeks. Does this open the door for a new team to lead the AFC South?

By: Jeremy Dawson | Tuesday Nov 10, 2015

On Tuesday it was announced that the Indianapolis Colts would be without QB Andrew Luck for the next two to six weeks due to a torn abdomen and a lacerated kidney that the quarterback suffered late in Sunday’s game against the Denver Broncos.

If Luck were to miss closer to six weeks this could be detrimental to the Colts playoff hopes. The Colts currently hold the lead in the division with a record of 4-5 but the Houston Texans are a formidable team in their own right. If the Texans can win a good portion of their games from here on, they could steal the top spot in the AFC South.

The Colts already started the season on very shaky ground, having lost three of their last four games. The worst part of this news is that the Colts are coming off of a victory against the previously undefeated Denver Broncos. The win was supposed to signify a turn in the teams season, but with their star player out for a good portion of remaining season, the tide could turn right back in the wrong direction.

Thinking back to the last time the Colts lost a quarterback to injury for a significant amount of time, they wound up with the No. 1 overall pick in the draft.

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The Texans are having as rocky of a season as anyone though and their remaining schedule is very tough. They will certainly need to pull off a few upsets in order to really contend for the division.

If all the other teams in the division continue to lose as well, then the Colts and Texans matchup in five weeks could be the determining factor in who walks away with the division title. Andrew Luck may not be back for that game.

It’s hard to talk about such a great player in the NFL getting hurt in a positive light, but with how unpredictable the AFC South has been this season, the opportunity that this provides for three other teams is undeniable. Even the Jaguars and Titans are only two games out of first place.

We should all hope for the player, the person, and the competition of the sports sake, that Andrew Luck is healthy and ready to return closer to the two-week mark than the six. But until that time comes, the AFC South is no longer just a horse’s race.

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